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Simple Search

Simple search finds entries that include all of the search terms. Search results are displayed 20 sites at a time. For example, a search on
will return all the sites that have the word Delhi in their Title.

Searches with multiple terms will automatically insert an "and" between all the terms, so that only sites with all of the search words in them will be returned. For example, a search on
Delhi Government
will only return sites that have both Delhi and Government in the sites title.

Phrase Search

Sometimes the order of the search terms matters. Using phrase searching can greatly reduce the number of sites that are matched by a search. To search for an exact phrase, just put quotation marks around two or more words. For example if you searched for:
"Haryana Budget"
You would only get sites that had the two words: Haryana and Budget in them in that order.

Search Defaults

All searches use and as the default linking operator between all of the search terms. Thus searching for
Karnataka Assembly
is the same as searching for:
Karnataka and Assembly
For both of these searches, only those sites with "Karnataka" and "Assembly" in the site title will be returned. Sites that only mention "Karnataka" but not "Assembly" will not be displayed.

Advanced Search

You can limit your search to either the Title or URL of the site you are looking for. Advanced Search lets you search within a category/Sub Category or Sector. This capability enables you to search deeper within categories and produces more relevant results than any other directory search. You can use the options on this page to create a very specific search.

Choose Words Carefully

Use specific words to describe exactly what you're looking for. More general terms give a larger number of results, so try to narrow your search.