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Department of Urban Affairs, Meghalaya

The Department of Town and Country Planning of Government of Meghalaya was renamed as Department of Urban Development in 1988. In 1990, the Department of Municipal Administration was amalgamated with the Department of Urban Development and a new Department of Urban Affairs was created to give more emphasis on urban planning and urban administration and to achieve better coordination in planning, development and management of urban centers. The functions and objectives of Urban Affairs Department are basically focused towards planning, development and proper management of the urban areas in the State.

Keeping the above mentioned objectives in mind, the Department focuses on the preparation of Master Plans of the urban Centres. Stress is given on improvement of civic amenities and revamping the urban infrastructure in the urban centers. Stress is also given towards improvement of the quality of life of the urban poor through improvement of their physical environment, social welfare and generation of employment. Programmes of the Department are drawn up and implemented with the above mentioned objectives. To make the programme successful and beneficial to the people, strict monitoring and evaluation through internal and external mechanism are being attempted at every stages.  For effective enforcement and implementation of schemes, many legislative enactments, rules and bye-laws have been framed or adapted by the Department.
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